1. Human cattle at The Knife last night. Killer show, but such a long day that I slept in my car at the shop after dropping off the truck.
    Show business is glamorous, everyone.

  2. NASA released a satellite image of india in the evening during the festive holiday of diwali, the celebration of lights.

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  4. miishakasha:

    Joe Mangrum creates beautiful Sand Paintings with his Hands

    i would like every single one of these as a tattoo on my body please.

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  5. sosuperawesome:

    Small and miniature oil paintings by Jessica Gardner

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  6. thefrogman:

    Mountain, Moon and Volcano by Louis [tumblr]

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  7. kill-whitepeople:

    some nerd: i’m a communist





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  8. Nah, fuck that guy. Anyone who says their music will make the murder rate in Chicago rise should rot in jail.

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  9. Things I will never understand:


    People who called aborted fetuses “murder victims”, and then call children killed in drone strikes “collateral damage”.

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  11. touchdisky:

    Chicago, Illinois | USA 

    Jason Lee

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  12. 2headedsnake:

    Yasuaki Onishi

    hot glue art

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