1. sonofthedesert:

    Gateshead riverside, c.1879

    (from Newcastle libraries)

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  3. tulipnight:

    Sunset to Sunrise by Trevor Anderson on Flickr.

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    — Noriyoshi Ohrai

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  7. unslaad-krosis:


    ok but consider this

    1. stop startin shit w ppl on tumblr for no reason
    2. wash your ass
    3. get a plant
    4. listen to smooth jazz
    5. chill
    6. keep chillin
    7. dont ever stop chillin


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    Types of Matter

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  10. jakeelko:

    Glacier National Park Pt 2, MT

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  11. Mhmm. (at North Coast Music Festival)

  13. Erik Nitsche, design for book binding of the series New illustrated library of science and invention, 1963. Source

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